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All About Me

Who am I?

  I'm currently an English and Cinema double major over at Southern Illinois 
University- Carbondale, with specializations in Film Studies and Literature
My goal is to eventually become a film scholar and teach college-level courses 
on Cinema and English, which is why I do what I do here. I write academic film
 and book reviews, but my focus on film criticism involves a method quite not
 like the usual film critic. I don't enjoy telling people whether or not the movie
 was good or bad because that's subjective. My tastes may be very different
 from your tastes, so I try to steer away from using very subjective terminology
 in my reviews. What I do instead is to try to connect the film I'm reviewing to
 other films similar in theme, tone, plot or anything else along those lines, which
 gives me a broad range of things to talk about because there's so much one
 could say about anything you see on television or on film because for the 
most part everything you see is done for a reason. Each piece of dialogue
each camera angle, even the color scheme is all done for very specific reasons 
and they're usually always done to say something about the world we live in.
Films are representations of society, recreated to please us visually and
audibly via images and sound. These kinds of things are picked out for 
reasons and as a person who loves film, my job is to pick apart the film to 
find those reasons. 

This also goes in to why I study literature. Literature and film go hand-in-hand 
in many ways beyond just film adaptations of novels or scripts themselves. This is 
just one example of the many ways literature connects to film simply because 
just about anything written is relative to the study of literature. But why is
 literature important?  The importance of literature is to see the world in new
 ways via text. Words are there are not only to shape the world you're reading
 about, but they're there to connects us with larger ideas about ourselves and 
society from other individuals. Literature gives us the ability to write down
our thoughts and experience life from another person's perspective whilst in
 a fictional format.

 Literature aids our ability to think critically as we read between the lines. 
These things can all be applied to film. In film, in order to understand the 
context behind whatever is going in on in a scene, all you'll need to look and 
listen, but in order to understand the film itself, you'll need basic knowledge 
on various literary devices like metaphor, tone, symbolism and realism. Film
 draws from the technical aspect of understands using lighting, sound, staging
 and things like that while literature pulls from theme, characterization and 
point of view. However, film draws from different themes and tones in order
 to stage their interpretations of life.

More about me!

I love film, obviously, so I do dabble occasionally in the actual production of
 things. Just not often, but whenever I do, it's sometimes fun, just very 
exhausting, so I don't do production often. However, my excuse is that in 
order to understand new media, you've got to understand what's fully out 
there because we're constantly wanting to create new things. Learning 
about what worked before in other works can only make you a better media

My favorite books include: A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson 
Burnett, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Little Women by
 Louisa May Alcott, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Silver Linings 
Playbook by Matthew Quick. 

My favorite films include: American Beauty, About Time, 
(500) Days of Summer, Juno, Morning Glory and Scream. (In that order).
While I change my hair color on a monthly/monthly basis, I typically 
always to back to green. My nails stay chipped for some reason, even after
 I've just done them. I'm also a vegetarian, but that's about it. I'm just your
 average 20-something.   

Email: kennyjsayshey@gmail.com

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