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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Movie Review: Before Sunrise (1995)

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 Before Sunrise(1995)

Starring: Julie Delphy, Ethan Hawke
Release Date: Janurary 27, 1995
Directed By: Richard Linklater
Rating: 4/5

Summary: Two strangers meet on a train and go off on a somewhat life-changing journey for one night. Even thonce the night is over, they'll never see each other again.

My Thoughts: This movie was something different. I feel, like the concept has been done before, but nothing as well as this movie. It's a simple movie, it's about life and the people you meet and another concept I really think about regarding this movie is fate. 

They ask each other what would've happened if they hadn't met each other and it got me thinking about some of my choices in life. What if I hadn't done that? What if we had never met? How would my life be if I made different choices? This movie made me think of all of those things because it's about choices and the choices these characters made are so simple yet they mean so much. What if she hadn't gotten on the train with him? What if he hadn't kissed her? Its romantic, yes, but it really doesn't strike you as this typical boy-meets-girl story until the end of the film when it's time for the two to say goodbye. But not only is it about fate and romance, its about conversation and how it means so much.

The whole movie is these people talking, interacting and connecting. This movie is their meeting and that's literally it. There's not plot, no storyline, it's just two people going out and about in Vienna, talking and its wonderful. It's slow, but it keeps you entertained because these conversations are real and that's the magic of this film.

It's slowness was drab at times and I got a bit sleepy, but I have to appreciate the film for what it is: magical. 

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