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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Movie Review: The Loft (2014)

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 The Loft (2014)
Starring: James Marsden, Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller, Isabel Lucas
Release Date: January 20, 2014
*Streaming on Netflix as of October 6, 2015*
Rating: 3/5

Summary: Five married men decide to share a loft to bring each of their mistresses to. One morning, they walk into the loft and a dead body of a woman is found lying in the bed.

My Thoughts: While the plot has already been there and done that. I mean there are two other films that this movie is based off of and they all revolve around some cheating husbands in a crappy situation. While the characters in the film are likable people to some extent, but socially we're conditioned not to like them for cheating and it's so hard. I mean, James-FREAKING-Marsden? How can I hate him? But they do what they can and let me tell you, there's not much to work with.

 The film is clear cut with the plot and while the story starts off intriguing and exciting. It boils down to a slight simmer as you're waiting to figure out just what's going on. They could've taken this much further and developed a lot of more of the characters we're introduced to. They play crappy people, but the more of the film you watch, the more you hope that things go well for them, but it could've gone it a completely different direction and I just wish it had gone that way. I really wish it had because we meet these people, but we don't really meet them. We get these clips and flashbacks into their lives, but we don't really get into their lives and we don't really get to know them as people, except that they're all a little bit fucked in the head and this is even less so for the wives. We don't get to know them at all which sucks because, again, this is all an interesting concept, but we don't get the full view on everything.

It flows well, with one idea leading onto another, however, a some points in the movie there's a bit too much going on, mainly towards the end when all the loose ends are being tied. It's a good movie, great kind of flick for sitting around at home and having nothing to do. It's engaging and quite good and could've been so much better than it initially was.

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  1. I'm not satisfied with the ending. After many things happening during a film I hope the end is more complex but clear and logical.

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